Bob Stephens


Here is a link to an excellent guide for recycling compiled by Waste Management.
Put this on your web-site--it is GOOD info for your readers!


All of these items will work into your web-site to become
an information center. You must work any area you desire to get readers to use
your site as a reference site.

Use the material to make contacts with people and hand out your business card.
This material is a very large public service to avail yourself of. Arrange CPR
classes to be held at a local Walmart, park area, church or school. Firemen will
bring fire trucks that always cause a lot of interest and they want people to
participate. CHILDPROOFERS is a company that sells portable but safe pool
fences and would be a good contact.

GARAGE SALES in your farm area. Be an organizer
visiting door to door—read the Garage Sale Gal’s Guide to Making Money Off Your
Stuff by Lynda Hammond.
This can be a really hot activity and
even form in church parking lots or door to door. People will love the
opportunity to make money and you will find out a lot about plans of people
such as buying or selling. Supply yard sale signs with your name, title
company, pool service etc.

Tax time—Send a HUD 1 to all clients of the past
year. Also, at every close of escrow, copy the entire title company transaction
on to a CD to give to clients and archive 1 for your files.

DOG PARKS—for any area you work, compile a list
of dog parks complete with their rules and hours of operation. Distribute via
your web-site or your newsletter when someone subscribes. Gather a list of dogs
and their names, from  your farm area.
People put a value on their dogs that equals the value of a child.

Flag days, holidays and events such as
Halloween, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day etc. are events that can turn into
marketing opportunities. A 4th of July Bike decorating contest is
always a winner in the park and needs a prize. Also fans that have your
advertising on them, for use on hot days in the park etc. They can even be
numbered and a drawing held for a prize. ALWAYS take lots of pictures (with a
camera-not a phone) get the names and addresses of the subjects. Then deliver
pictures that you have printed and get acquainted again. After that, then email
the copies from your computer that they can put on FACEBOOK. I use Picasa for
this but other programs are good also. Just use them. Another thing for
community type activities is a Shredder truck shared by some sponsors—people
will respond to this activity and in some cases even pay for it.

One of my favorite marketing
ideas is the Easter bunny picture. Rent a bunny suit and take pictures of kids
on Easter with the bunny and then have them hunt for eggs. This takes a
community effort. Take pictures of each kid and then deliver it later to the parent
and chat.

At other events, get a clown to
make balloons, teach kids to juggle etc.
NOTE IS!!!!!

New home marketing and I recommend the next-gen
style of home that is made for 2 parties such as kids living at home or the
famous ubiquitous “mother-in-law” set up. Lennar is building this type of home
with a separate garage and complete apartment. Check other builders also.

BOOKS FOR VETS—collect books door to door a
couple times a year to give to the vets hospitals.
Jill @ Great American Title 480-922-4881, has a
great campaign on this going on and can advise. Have bookmarks printed with
your promo material on them, such as your expertise in selling homes to vets.  I even saw one for Queen Creek that was distributed, "How to Keep Queen Creek Wonderful'—or something similar where you live. Ask the residents for advice and input on this. They will get VERY involved.

Marshal your farm area together for events such
as breast cancer awareness, autism awareness or pet food and litter for such as
Lost Our Home Foundation. Go on line and get more info. The residents of an
area will always respond to events such as these when these events are being
promoted locally or nationwide. Pet food is always a great drive—be involved in
these events.

Build your web-site to be a fantastic
information center for your neighborhood. Promote blogging, facebook for the
neighbors, twitter, you-tube the events that you put on and post them for easy
viewing. Subscribe to SEND OUT CARDS so you can remember to send cards for
special events in people’s lives, with their picture as the front of the
card—they will always remember you in the future. ASK people to write about
their PASSION in life—this could be very interesting.


1. Who are you? Describe yourself. Are you a
2. You personally need someone to list your house.
Describe that person precisely including how
they are dressed. Is that person you?
3. Your marketing photograph? Is it a good one? (Ask
others for opinions)
4.The Big Picture! Do you stand out in a field of
50,000 licensees?
5.Do you have a web site? Same as all others or
DIFFERENT? Domain name?
6.Auto responder on web/ad tracking?
7. NEWSLETTER on web going to subscribers? Lots
of Great Links?
8.Hullo? Your phone message; does it go on forever?
Blocked phone? Do you answer the phone?
9.How fast is your return communication?
IO.Do you give back to past clients to develop
referrals? Make a list of ideas. (Movies, pictures of pets,
Halloween parties, holidays etc.)
I I .Special interests or niche/event participation?
12.Should you send a thank you card to a cross sale
agent after a closing? (Try to recruit)
13.Do you have a "Tag Line"?
14.Your product-houses or YOU? Communication?
15.How do you treat clients? Caring until the contract
is signed and then "indifferently"? Treatment is in
relation to the amount of commission? Is a rental
prospect a client?
16.Do you return calls every time and NOW?
17.0r do you let up and let the deal close itself?
18.Can I listen? Or am I too busy telling clients
everything I know? This is important!
19 .Do clients care about you being #1? Is your
Million $ status important to a client?
20.What is the cost of attracting new clients with
advertising versus working past clients for referrals?
21.Do you conduct the walk thru inspection with your
clients before closing?
22.Do you attend all final signings and closings?
23.Do you present a written marketing plan to Sellers
and then "DO IT?
24.Do you believe that adversity could be good and
can only make you stronger?
25 .Do you send clients a questionnaire regarding how
satisfied they were with you and your services? Call
Bob for a copy of one to customize.
Can you answer these questions and practice "tough love"
on yourself? Try it and be brutally honest-even if it hurts!
( and I suspect it may) Then re-evaluate yourself and if need
be, perhaps changing your style or way of doing business
could be beneficial to you. ALL answers should be in
writing-Good Luck!
NEXT: Develop a new revised marketing plan and track it!